At Omega Gaming, our Integration Management includes the processes required to ensure the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. It involves making tradeoffs among competing objectives and alternatives in order to meet or exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. Integration management involves integrating development processes, execution processes, and change control processes. We strive to coordinate the integration of all of the projects including Product Management, Quality Assurance, and Development. Our Integration Plan to specify how the system will coordinate to ensure interoperability among hardware, software, system interfaces, and data network infrastructures is a key component during the development process. Omega will continuously work with customers to ensure that the integration protocol is continuously adhered to during the development process.

Omega Data Bridge

Omega’s online gaming solutions allow for complete integration and solutions for any operator. These options include the complete customization of your product, as well as integration with any existing system you may have, such as a sportsbook, casino, or poker room. The Omega Data Bridge (HTTPS) consists of a set of APIs which allow the Core Management System to integrate with existing player databases, with only essential required data being passed to the gaming system over the secure protocol, maintaining confidentiality of player data and making it easy to add any Omega Gaming platform to existing operations with minimum disruption.

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